Monday, August 15, 2011

Quilled Dolls

Hi Craft lovers,
Well I quilled another doll 2 days ago and I am here to post them!! I had to cut the strips myself. This doll is very small and when I mean small I mean very very small................
             Side View

          Size in comparison with a Dh 1/- coin
                       I added a hat later!!
               The back view
 Thanks for your valuable time...


  1. Kavya, your doll is a 'teeny weeny' beauty. Very cute.

  2. I am happy that you like it :)

  3. Hi Kavya,
    I loved all your work. Especially the quilled indian lady.Can you please give me the tutorial on how to make the lady and the doll?My email id is, I am from India.

  4. Yes... if you could post a tutorial on these I would LOOOOVE it!


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